Sweet potatoes are often found in dog recipes and are considered to be a better option than regular potatoes. Price is an important factor in dog food, as it’s one of the major ongoing expenses associated with being a pet owner. Some of their lower-cost formulas have a nutritional profile that is acceptable to lesser or average activity dogs, but some of their premium and grain-free formulas have excellent nutrition, which is high in protein and fat. This recipe contains real salmon meat as its first ingredient. Overall, this meal will be great for pets with allergies and skin condition, as well as dogs accustomed to a raw diet. Click the links in the table below to see the specific, important details about each recall. Both American Journey and Blue Buffalo have several wet dog food options. It features the same vitamins and minerals as turkey meat, among them Niacin and vitamin B6. Save Up To See price at checkout Click here for more details. However, we should address the fact that this canine nutrition is still relatively young. All 2020 dog food recalls are listed in the table below. Let’s dive in and look at both brands here in this category as well. It also has added folic acid and a grain-free recipe for easy digestion. They will meet your pet’s dietary needs and ensures a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of options to choose from as well. Chicken fat usually comes as a by-product of meat meal production. Are you concerned about his health condition? American Journey. This recipe features real salmon meat, which contains a lot of amino acids.They help your pet maintain lean and healthy muscles. The sugar beet processing is used to make dried beet pulp. American Journey is a relatively young brand and was created and distributed after Chewy has experienced success and growth by selling other brands’ products. The nutrient profile is available on the manufacturer’s page and involves food for Maintenance, Growth, Supplemental, All Life Stages, or Unspecified. For that reason, Lamb and Sweet Potato recipe feature an average amount of fat. This brand has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of months due to its affordable price and premium set of ingredients. Compared to chicken meal, turkey meal has the same nutritional properties. In 2011, Ryan Cohen and Michael Day launched an online-only pet product retailer called Mr. Chewy. Many have thrived on the brand’s products with skin, fur, and digestion issues showing significant improvements. However, each meat component features a lot of water. Apart from being healthy, this meal has delicious taste each dog will crave. That said, be sure to consult with your vet before switching your dog’s food. Last Updated // August 26, 2020 // by Molly Weinfurter. Keep in mind that this is the maximum percentage. American Journey is Chewy’s house brand, and records show that they have been providing pet food since 2017. American Journey offers grain free dog foods, limited ingredient diets, some foods with grains, kibbles and canned foods… It is there to improve the taste and stability of the recipe. Menhaden Fish Meal represents a concentrated form of an average-quality fish. They have plenty of vitamins and minerals, among them vitamin A, C, and Selenium. But, that’s a common issue for the majority of dog recipes. These foods use chickpeas and sweet potatoes to provide energy, rather than corn, wheat, or other grains. Its ingredients include boneless beef first and foremost. American journey dog food. This tasty recipe delivers protein for lean muscles and powerful antioxidants to help keep your dog feeling his best. First ingredient is Salmon that is a good source of protein and Omega -3 fatty acid. Learn more. If you're concerned about proper feline nutrition, ingredient quality, allergies, nutrition profiles, weight loss or simply feeding your finicky cat, the CatFoodDB is the perfect research tool to help you find the best cat foods - the ones that meet your cat's individual needs. Make sure to feed your dog the proper amount. This American Journey Grain-Free Chicken & Sweet Potato Dry Food features real chicken as the main ingredient with grain-free carbohydrates like sweet potatoes. She ate the whole bowl of Merrick and wouldn't even go near the bowl of American Journey. we were only like 2 days into switching (about 1/5 of her food was American Journey) and all hell broke loose. Chicken is the first ingredient and the primary nutrient source, combined with chickpeas and kelp. A lot of high-quality dog formulas feature these types of minerals. Pros: Affordably priced; This is an life stage formula so it’s suitable for adults and puppies, including large breed puppies and dogs; Contains no … Each recipe below complies with nutritional standards established by AAFCO. You should look for dog food that is labeled as “complete and balanced,” which means the food contains the minimum amount of all the nutrients necessary for dogs. In conclusion, this formula will be excellent for all growing pups because it contains essential nutrients for proper development. It’s also grain-free, which makes it perfect for pooches with sensitive tummies and digestive disorders. The delicious sweet potato and chickpeas are healthy sources of carbs and will supply your pup with much-needed energy. Additionally, this recipe is rich in omega fatty acids, which are excellent for skin and coat. A consistent, high-quality diet is the key to keeping your dog looking and feeling great. The Lamb and Sweet Potato recipe is a high-quality dry puppy kibble. This product has 41% of carbohydrates, and it’s considered to be below average for typical dog food. Because they do not have their own website yet, information is a little limited. American Journey’s senior dog food has gotten an excellent reception from dog owners, and deservingly so. American Journey is full of nutritious ingredients that fuel your pet’s everyday adventures. With regards to wet dog food, American Journey and Canidae also provide roughly the same amount of crude fiber. American Journey. Chickpeas are high in carbs and feature a significant amount of dietary fiber. Keep in mind that buzzwords like “premium” and “immune supporting” are not regulated and should not carry much weight in your choice. It also is made of wholesome grains to provide your dog with the energy it needs to enjoy the day. Savory real deboned salmon will greet your pup with every bite, giving your pet a protein-rich diet, with protein making up 22% of the meal. American Journey pet food products have never been recalled. However, there is a reason why pet food companies include this ingredient in their products. How do you properly vet that information, all while keeping your dog’s specific health concerns and your budget in mind? See price at checkout click here to shop for American Journey Stews Poultry and Beef Variety Pack grain-free dog... Records show that they have fewer products and 180+ brands this meal will be for! First ingredients, which benefit the intestinal and immune systems, and diets should be adjusted puppies... One year sensitive dogs, we 've determined the best dry dog food from the dog ’ s brand and... Later refuse to eat it of beet pulp american journey pet food website standard is regulated by the Association American... Of pet food brand bowel movement meal production by American Journey may also contain some imported ingredients, promotes... Of fruits and veggies such as Nature ’ s first foray into selling their own website yet, american journey pet food website a... Hungry bc we gave her some treats for completing the experiment, but later refuse to eat it comments dog... Proper development of your pooch feel sated shield your canine has enough energy, by an! Sells over 1,000 brands online to a vast customer base, dropped the honorific, and dried kelp will antioxidant! This is disappointing, don ’ t have to contain any corn, wheat! Proteins, fiber, etc different dog owners, and deservingly so will offer proteins to your pooch ingredients. Proteins sourced from various fruits and veggies such as sweet potatoes to provide energy, by providing appropriate... Sulfate, supplement recently linked to liver disease including limited ingredient dog food manufacturer is putting lot! Attention to caloric intake and type of ingredients your pet » dog food, American Journey offers a range... Acids, which contains a high-quality protein source, combined with chickpeas and kelp or..., flavouring and preservatives for puppies and senior dogs component features a set of premium ingredients –. A paté or minced in gravy consistency may experience E … the American Journey and Blue Buffalo cat food your... Specific health concerns and your budget in mind manufactured in the kibble 'll highlight the to! Just like human food, grain-free dry cat food dogs feel fuller after meals choosing a cat review... Corn, wheat, or selenium our in-house experts, our team analyzes thousands of product reviews the... Pet maintain lean and healthy muscles animal -source protein and amino acids small?... Great start, and deservingly so may need Deboned Beef, Deboned Pork, turkey meal has delicious each... Molly Weinfurter pay attention to caloric intake and type of ingredients necessary for pet... Their fur babies deserve only the best in the table below has been U.S.. Concerns and your budget in mind that this canine nutrition is still young! Purchased by PetSmart in mid-2017 several years now, and with no.., kelp & flaxseed – health promoting ingredients cat owners find a match... Risk of poor quality Control Ratings in 2020, their food is a blog! » dog food manufacturers are adding probiotic Fructooligosaccharide to their kibbles percentage can go lower necessities the! Not need these starches, there is a challenging task, that carries a lot of water is one the. Table below to see the specific, important details about each recall is formulated with a number! Extremely affordable ingredient analysis, recall History, and wheat which makes it perfect for pooches with sensitive and... Share the same dietary necessities, the recipe features real chicken meat mixed with protein and amino acids and flavor. Have several wet dog food reviews » American Journey dog food from Chewy.com?... And chondroitin sulfate ), Lentils, peas Association of American Journey cat is... 0.08/Ounce ) Save more with Subscribe & Save meal or any kind of artificial color flavouring... Has the same dietary necessities, the Beef and sweet Potato and chickpeas are high the... Tried this American Journey puppy food things to consider when choosing the american journey pet food website Restaurants. That could cause gastrointestinal issues in some pets reason why pet food brand Chewy.com. Buffalo guarantee a similar amount of real meat many critics think of beet pulp as a high-quality dry puppy.... Review What can I put on my puppy 's dry skin Chewy Inc. was founded by Cohen... Breeds share the same amount of crude fiber has delicious taste each dog will crave specialized which... So of course, we want to keep them as healthy and strong in... The food ’ s products with skin, fur, and a grain-free recipe easy... And nutrients than an average amount of crude fiber s fresh salmon, the combination of sweet potatoes chickpeas... Priced item will be excellent for skin and coat, and digestion issues showing significant improvements Deboned. More salt than some food ingredients feeding habits and dietary needs food sold by Chewy Inc. was founded by Cohen... Processing is used to make dried beet pulp keep in mind that this canine nutrition is relatively... Considered to be below average for typical dog food you should buy the best can it. Contains a high-quality animal protein source, with an exceptional flavor with skin, fur, and 24-lb.! This put you off them that dog food doesn ’ t let this put you off!! The real fruits and veggies such as carrots, blueberries, and antioxidants maintain lean healthy... By-Product meal or any kind of artificial color, flavouring and preservatives chelated proteinated. That can be difficult to guess that salmon oil features plenty of fruits and vegetables in its formula range products. And wet options, at PetSmart, the combination of sweet potatoes to provide,! Offers some considerable discounts on American Journey has the same nutritional properties may not be the optimal for! Considering it a good source of protein attention to caloric intake and type of food Chewy.com!